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I’ve been calling a lot of the people who have joined the FDL Membership Program over the past couple of days, and it’s been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in the five (yikes!) years since we opened the doors. Much to my surprise, many were people who have never even commented here before, and it was the first time I’d ever had the opportunity to interact with many of them.

– Hugh said that he joined because FDL “has become an indispensable source of news.” Civil liberties, and the issues Marcy covers, are important to him: Indefinite detentions, black sites, military commissions. “What was once an aberration under Bush has now become normalized.”

– Robert has been around since the Plame days. Told me “I have no problem financially supporting a news organization, I subscribe to magazines.” Number one issue for him: “We need to start winning the class war back. They are winning.”

– Charles said FDL “is the #1 site I go to when I turn on my computer. I am just grateful for all the good work you do.” Excited about participating in membership conference calls.

– Christopher wants to see an FDL store that carries union-made swag, and perhaps goods made by FDL members. Volunteered to proofread if we need it. (As the world’s worst speller, I may take him up on that.)

– Twain is doing great, she’s always a big supporter. I got to her name and said “I know Twain,” but thought “heck, I’ll call her anyway, just to hear her voice.” She offered to pay for a membership for somebody who needed one, and we helped set that up.

– Jerry has been around since the blogspot days. Says it’s his first read in the morning. Loves what Marcy does, and likes it when he sees FDL folks on TV. Thinks the work we’re doing here is important and wants to support it.

-Maydaze lives in a very red state where his GOP member of Congress ran unopposed in the last election, so FDL is sort of an oasis. Just wants to be supportive.

– Frank is a regular commenter, but I didn’t know he was Frank33 until he told me. I thanked him for always keeping things lively in the comments! He is interested in national security issues, and volunteered to write about topics that need exposing.

– BlueJeansTShirt – I didn’t know his real name either, and let out a whoop when he told me he was BJTS. He says “every time he comes on the blog, there is something new.” When I asked him what he’d like to see in the future, he said “just keep doing what you’re doing. Truly.”

– Terri said she has been reading us for a long time, and “when I figured out it was 30 cents a days, I felt guilty.” I asked her if there was anything we should be covering that we don’t. She said no, “the reason I read you every day is because you cover everything I care about.”

– Susan is very concerned about the economy, the lack of jobs, the environment, and the war on teachers and public workers. She appreciates the wonderful FDL writers like Dave Dayen, Jon Walker and Marcy. She’s been “reading the Lake for a long time, and just happy to help out.”

– Kelly – I know Kelly too, but it was just good to call him and hear his voice. He said everything was good, he was excited to be a founding member of the Membership program, and congratulated everyone on all their hard work. “Kudos to all.”

FDL regulars like Suzanne, Richard and Mary have also been calling new members and letting them know they have someone to contact when they have questions or issues they want to raise. So if you’re a new member, and you get a call from one of us, don’t be surprised.

Join us and help support the future of independant journalism and activism. Please become a member of Firedoglake today.

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