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BoxTurtle’s Contest: Winner announced!


I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did! Original thread HERE.

If this were televised, this would be the part of the show where the MC (who loves the sound of his own voice) reviews what everybody already knows while the contestants try to hold a pose even though the stage lights are melting their makeup.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing generosity of some of the respondents, trying to win for someone else. For goodness sakes, is there ANYONE who didn’t want to donate to Margaret? I did this because I was going to buy her a membership but somebody beat me to it.  Margaret, you’ve touched an amazing number of people here!

I’d refer to posts by their numbers, except that myfdl doesn’t display numbers. And it intermixes responses rather than going chronological.  So, my comments below are in the order the posts display in the thread. And are a blatant attempt to influence the other donors.

Papau has the first qualified post. A simple, straightforward post stating a complete lack of funds. I’ve read a lot of Papau comments, he/she seems worth having around.

Hotdog has already joined, but would like to donate my prize to someone else.  I’ve noted his requests for ctuttle and OldFatGuy.  And Margaret, who is already covered. Generous and giving, he/she is exactly the sort of person that the Koch’s hate. Can’t get much higher recommendation than that.

Dakine01 is also pleading poverty, but swears he isn’t begging but asking for a miracle. Miracles aren’t my department, but I’ve forwarded his request to Gov.  Walker in Mn. He sure to be spending a lot of time talking with God in the near future, it shouldn’t be any trouble to slip dakine01’s request in.

ubetcha would also give away his winnings, but doesn’t specify to whom. Oh well, you’re not going to influence the Turtle that way. For all I know, you might be planning to give it to tinman.

slide delurked to make a try. Welcome, Slide! He/she has clearly been stalking me online for quite awhile and even had the audacity to try to steal my paraenthical taglines! But I worry if I gave slide the prize, his/her posts will be attacked by the cliques and they’ll cast aspersions on his character. And did I mention he tried to steal my trademark? Still, one should never turn down fresh meat.

 Nahant, sorry but I’m not doing upgrades. And you picked on me for mispelling your handle. I warned you doG would get you!

OldFatGuy chimes in to say he’s already covered, but would like to win for Isis. Isis is already covered. Isis is another person who seems to have made a lot of friends here.

 KrisAinCA posts an absolutely lovely story about The Heroic BoxTurtle. Smithers never sucked up to Mr. Burns so well!

eCAHNomics makes the case that she’s the most obnoxious member of FDL  and she asks rude questions in book salons. She’s also been a financial supporter of the site, I assume during better times. However, she promised to contribute his prize to the site and it’s important to me the my winner wear an FDL shirt.

yellowsnapdragon makes a plea for Raven or Hugh. Alas, I don’t remember Hugh but Raven is certainly a worthwhile consideration.

RonD added a youtube like full of excuses why he couldn’t enter. If you can’t use your own words, or plagerize something I don’t recognize…..

MrWhy answered my question, but then dropped a youtube bomb. I didn’t say you couldn’t use youtube, but I didn’t say you should…

 Bill Egnor, I liked your post as much as KrisAinCA. But I’m concerned with your cognitive dissonance you might be a Republican Governor in disguise.

Gitcheegumee conjurs up a Mardi Gras image in keeping with the season. But there was no Zombie or Hurricane in my mailbox when I got home, kinda killed the vision.

one_outer puts up the “best” hardluck story of the bunch. credibly blames Pawlenty for his troubles after I offer extra points. Hmmm…a BA in political science…care to Primary Obama?

KarenM wants to send her kid to Europe. I think my parents wanted to ship me to Europe, too. More than once. Labeled “4th Class, books”.

Papau makes another entry. First person to spot the vote early, vote often loophole.

diosnomeama’s post is also one of my favorites. Short, to the point, and that trick has enabled the last two presidents to violate every amendment except the 2nd.  If it had been written up as a SWL it would have been the hands down winner.

PeasentParty has another hard luck story.  And a request for CraneStation. PP makes some excellent posts and is the sort of person you’d want on your side in an argument.  But you can’t top $70K in student loans, depression, child support, AND blaming Smilin’ Tim. But fortunately, later on somebody takes care of you. This war of generosity is heating up!

reader would like a membership, but wants to make sure everybody else is taken care of first. There are WAY too many people here who let their morals override greed. And you wonder why you’re all unemployed!!

bittersweet makes an eloquent plea for herself, then switches it to Bradley Manning. I considered it and I liked it, but I worried that the last thing he needs is yet another link to a disreputable, untrustworthy organization. If it’s appropriate, perhaps Jane will finance him.

Demi…You didn’t win here, but SOMEBODY out there damn well better take care of you.

arcadesproject wants an upgrade. So do I!

Now, why the benefactor and not 2+ regular memberships? Well, there was a school teacher who had a great effect on my life. His name was Patrick Hershey, and he wore Earth Shoes (remember them?) and practiced random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. But his random kindness came with a price. He would say “Now you owe somebody you don’t even know a favor. Pass it on”.

And my prize come with the same price. Every time you put on that shirt, remember you owe someone you DON’T know a favor. And tell ’em to pass it on.And the winner is:  

KrisAinCA! I couldn’t get the pirate image out of my mind and I feel you’ve captured the True Turtle! I’m gonna drop a note to the member line to see how to make this work.

Boxturtle (Absolute sucking up works absolutely – Evil Genius 101)

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