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As a Firedoglake silverback, both in age and tenure, I’ve watched our beloved wee blog evolve from a two-woman operation to the multi-venue, independent, far-reaching enterprise it is today. We’ve come a long way from the days when Jane and Christy blogged about things in the news that day, and we few commenters got really excited when we got ten comments on a post. The path’s been an exciting one, and we’ve made an impact: we shined a light on the Libby trial and at the Prop 8 proceedings. We’ve influenced decisions in Washington, I think, through our writing and your activism in response to it: student loans are fairer and cheaper, the Federal Reserve is more transparent than it ever was, and right now FDL reporting is continuing to make an impact on the labor movement nationwide. We’ve exposed the carnality of the Veal Pen’s hijacking of the progressive movement, and we’ve asked Lanny Davis who’s paying him every time he steps out to express a paid-for opinion. We helped revolutionize the politics of pot, built an infrastructure for supporting progressive candidates, and challenged the politics of terror at its core, at Gitmo and Quantico. And there are bassets!

But the basic underpinnings of our financial model haven’t changed: we’re one tin cup and our sugar momma away from shutting the doors at any given moment.

And that simply cannot continue. Operating a paradigm-shifting independent activist/journalist enterprise out of one person’s pocketbook and activists’ one-time generosity around a specific issue doesn’t do the blog the justice we deserve, quite frankly. It’s no way to run an airline. There must be a better way.

Those of you who read Firedoglake and enjoy, count on, contribute to, and recognize the impact of this blog are now advised: we’re changing the enterprise’s funding model. And you’re an integral part of that change.

Aren’t you?

We need you to join us in this venture: become members of Firedoglake today. Support the blog, engage with us, make your repeated participation formal. Find a level that suits you and slip into it.

We need your financial support, at least at the most basic level of $45 per year. At twelve cents a day, it’s less than your daily newspaper or cable television subscription package. And you very well know the high quality of independent reporting, informed opinion, thoughtful commentary, and rascally humor you get across Firedoglake’s blogs for that low price. Is there another membership anywhere that provides these benefits?

We’d like to have more help if you can swing it; I know some of you can. Please also consider a $120 annual membership, which is ten bucks a month: thirty-three cents a day. Is that really a fair exchange for what you get here? You know that better than I do, but I vote yes. Vote yes with me please, for $120 this year.

For some people, $1,000 per year — the Gosprey level of membership that will entitle you to an exclusive face-to-face meetup with the blog’s central players as well as participation in planning and setting direction — won’t even be a stretch. Sure, there are but a few of you: you know who you are. Please consider making Firedoglake the place where you put your serious donations, and do it today, when we really need it.

Membership is the only model we can see as we look ahead on the media landscape that faces us. Without a buyout (that would limit Firedoglake’s independence) and without a much wealthier sugar person (who would impose opinions and views while probably also staking out No-Go areas) we simply cannot continue our expansion into the New Media Paradigm we’ve become. Firedoglake competes in the area of reporting and opinion, providing knowledge-based and life-expert commentary, against hybrid journalism operations with deep enough pockets to pay their editors a half-million dollars a year (Bloomberg) and talk about taking a supersonic jet into the future (Huffington).

People-powered, foul-mouthed, pot-based, gay-loving fem-blog that Firedoglake is, we can only remain this way with your help. Your membership will let us continue to do what Firedoglake does so well. Won’t you please join up now? Challenge the paradigm with us.

Become a member now, please. It’s really easy, almost painless at the lowest level, and easy to upgrade now or later. Your membership matters: it’s the only way we can see our way into the future.

Which we plan to win, with your help. Please join us today. Thank you!

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge