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Trump’s Road Map to the White House

A recent Newsweek/Daily Beast Poll has President Obama with a double-digit lead over Sarah Palin (51-40), a narrow lead over Mitt Romney (49-47) and Donald Trump (43-41), and a tie with Mike Huckabee (46-46). Although the Huckabee results are surprising, neither Mike Huckabee nor Sarah Palin can get elected, maybe. Mitt Romney shouldn’t be surprised since he’s the next Bob Dole or John McCain, sacrificial Republican loser that earned the Republican nomination by process of elimination and past performance.

Joe Biden described Rudy Giuliani as a noun, a verb, and 9/11. Donald Trump could be described as a noun, a verb, and China but with 14 million unemployed Americans, nearly 20% real unemployment, and $3-$6 gas, “a noun, a verb, and China” with a bad comb-over could stroll into the White House. Most early presidential polls are national polls but we all know elections are won state by state. The 2012 election will be won in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, and Iowa. Obama has no path to victory without the Rust Belt states, and Donald Trump would win them easily ranting about unfair Chinese trade practices.

With only an anti-China, anti-free trade, and anti-OPEC “stump speech”, Donald Trump polls within 2 points of Barack Obama. Trump has given the Republican Party a road map to the White House. Obama is a Republican in all but name, and the Democratic Party is so useless that Obama could extend the GWB tax cuts, ignore Wisconsin Labor Unions, and gut Medicare before any national Democrat complains. Donald Trump would be second only to Barack Obama as the most unqualified person to ever win the presidency but he has Leadership experience. Barack Obama can’t lead himself out of a paper bag. Trump exposes Obama’s disillusioned Left Flank. There are millions of angry Democrats ready to vote for anyone, Palin included, that will stand up to China, Wall Street, and Corporations. Any Republican or Independent with sufficient finances could use this opening to defeat Obama. If Sarah Palin found her inner Pat Buchanan, she would be elected President in 2012. Fortunately, Palin is too stupid, Romney to corrupt, and Huckabee to dumb to use this strategy.

Donald Trump has the “Economic Patriotism” argument all to himself, but the person this poll scares the most, other than Barack Obama, is Donald Trump. We’ve seen Billionaire businessmen surge to the top of the polls only to self destruct faster than Charlie Sheen. Trump is genuine in his desire to restore America’s international prestige, stand up to China, and fight OPEC but he is probably shocked that he may actually have a legitimate chance. I bet Trump is more terrified that the media may start investigating his personal finances and business dealings. If Trump were serious, he would leave his idiotic reality show and announce his Presidential exploratory committee. As the Republican nominee, Trump would win in a landslide. He already has my vote.

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