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Late Night: One of Us! One of Us!

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I’ve given money to public radio and teevee before, mostly to get the tote bags, for that sweet toting action. But apparently, national public media is now tainted, because secretly NPR executives hate wingnuts, who of course have always hated NPR, and have recently set up bullshit entrapment stings to get NPR executives to say they hate wingnuts, possibly on the grounds that wingnuts are the sort of assholes who set up bullshit entrapment stings.

Well, here at FDL, we’ll tell you flat-out that the teabaggers are full of shit — which is, frankly, something that even NPR won’t tell you flat out.

We’ll tell you that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a repulsive toad of a corporate shill and a pissant martinet — and we’ll tell you what’s coming up next in the fight to protect the rights of working Americans.

We’ll tell you who the real terrorists are, and who’s really threatening American values.

No punches pulled, real progressive journalism and activism, and also all your favorite late-night wiseasses.

So join FDL as a member! Hell, there’s even tote bags…

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