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I’d like to follow up on what Jane said this morning. I’ve just got four questions for you.

Do you think The New Republic would’ve spearheaded a primary challenge of Blanche Lincoln?
Do you think Organizing for America would’ve launched a campaign to save the public option?
Do you think the DNC would’ve launched a campaign to legalize marijuana?
Did the mainstream media do its job on the BP oil spill or the government’s treatment of Bradley Manning?

No, no, no — and hell no.

There’s only one place where all that happened: Firedoglake. And it would be great if you could help us continue similar efforts by becoming a Founding Member today.

I was very fortunate to join the FDL family in November 2007. And the sense of community I have here — not only with all the contributors, editors, mods and the diarists at MyFDL — but with the people who show up every day in comments — is unlike anything I’ve experienced, online or off. I really don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

And here’s the amazing thing: when that spirit and energy and award-winning online journalism is focused into affirmative political advocacy — something pretty special happens. We’ve seen it happen, again and again.

But the hard truth is, FDL doesn’t have a Sugar Daddy like the Brothers Koch. We don’t have a Fortune 500 media company behind us. And we’re not running interference for Democratic politicians just because they’re calling themselves Democrats — we’re holding them accountable. What a concept.

In the high-stakes world of politics and media, that’s a lonely place to be. But for us, it’s the only way to go. And it can only continue if you want it to, because, at the end of the day, FDL isn’t Jane Hamsher or Marcy Wheeler or TBogg — it’s you.

So make it official, won’t you? Become a Founding Member of FDL today.

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