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BoxTurtle’s running a contest! Win a Benefactors Membership!


Here’s the deal: I’m gonna buy somebody a Benefactors membership. Because I’m currently working and I know a lot of us aren’t.

Contest rules:

You must answer the question “WHY should BoxTurtle buy you a membership?”. Sob stories, humorous tales, conspiracy theories, legal arguments, fish stories and outright boldfaced damn lies are all welcome. No statistics.

By entering this contest, you’re submitting your entry to MY sole judgement. Which may be biased, capricious, inexplicable or simply wrong. I’ll accept bribes, but if you can afford to bribe me you should really buy your own membership. 

Contest ends when I notice this post has scrolled off MyFDL. I’ll post a note at that time. I’ll pay off even if this post gets only one response that says “Me too”.

Contest is open to anyone, even paid trolls, who cannot afford a membership or are willing to lie and SAY they can’t afford one. Though all of FDL should hang their heads in shame if a paid troll gives me the best response.

UPDATE: There is now more than one membership in play.  Kelly Canfield and MsMolly are splitting the cost of a gift, they’ll pick from my leavings….isn’t that a wonderful way of putting it?

RGB, a site Admin whom I’ve never met, is being quoted by KrisAinCA as wanting to start a scholarship program. No details yet on that.

newdealfarmgrrrll is looking for a partner to arrange a another gift membership.

I refered to canadianbeaver as a troll. I’ve been informed that he/she simply is of  different opinions and forceful about presenting them. I retract the troll reference wholeheartedly, the more viewpoints we have here the better we are.

 As of 9am EST, this contest is still open. And we’re a bunch of talkers, there are more comments than entries! Surely, there are more Firepups out there living under bridges and depending on public WiFi?


@onitgoes has placed TWO more membership in play! But my offer is still the best, nobody else has said they’re offering benefactors level yet.


onitgoes has corrected me, it’s only one membership.

Kelly Canfield has indicated that she’s offering a benefactor level as well.

And the contest in closed. Winner will be posted in another thread this evening, hopefully before 6pm EST.

Boxturtle (“Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” -Carville)

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