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Yummy surprise…NOT: Multiple independent lab tests confirm oil in Gulf shrimp

Via Raw Story, something that common sense would suggest is self-evident, but we now have independent labs confirming it:

The federal government is going out of its way to assure the public that seafood pulled from recently reopened Gulf of Mexico waters is safe to consume, in spite of the largest accidental release of crude oil in America’s history.

However, testing methodologies used by the government to deem areas of water safe for commercial fishing are woefully inadequate and permit high levels of toxic compounds to slip into the human food chain, according to a series of scientific and medical professionals interviewed by Raw Story.

In two separate cases, a toxicologist and a chemist independently confirmed their seafood samples contained unusually high volumes of crude oil and harmful hydrocarbons — and some of this food was allegedly being sent to market.

One test, conducted by a chemist from Mobile, Alabama, employed a rudimentary chemical analysis of shrimp pulled from waters near Louisiana and found “oil and grease” in their digestive tracts.

You have to read the rest. One chemist who conducted an independent test said that he wouldn’t eat, shrimp, crab or fish caught in the Gulf.

This is disheartening for those earning a living — or rather who are now saddled with an industry destroyed by BP from the oil disaster. It was not rocket science that this administration would collude to try to mitigate the impact to get businesses up and running again.

After all, remember 9/11 and EPA’s Christine Todd Whitman standing amidst the burning rubble claiming the “air was safe” in order to get Wall Street back to work ASAP? I think the public in many cases just wants to believe in order to move on, but we have seen the long term health consquences that first responder have suffered.

In time, we will probably see the health consequences of consuming toxic food deemed “safe” by our government, which will, of course deny the cause based on its flawed testing. The cycle of BS never ends.  

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding