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The fundies plan to unleash its version of a 'Spartan' coalition of '300' to save America

So much to read into this….hahaha, from Right Wing Watch:

Just today we noted that Joyner, Jerry Boykin, and Janet Porter were gathering for a conference next month and as I was looking for more information about that, I stumbled across this video of Perkins, Joyner, Boykin and Frank Turek discussing the importance of Christians getting deeply involved in politics.

Perkins explains the absolute necessity of getting Christians into all levels of government while Boykin compared Christians today to the Spartan army and quoted King Leonidas by declaring “molon labe” [“come and get them”] when he and his army were told to lay down their weapons.

…Joyner announced that Christians have more than enough people to take control, but they need to bind together and, as such, would soon be unveiling coalition called “300”

Will they come to the fight nude, the naughty bits free for all to see? Scratch that – I don’t want to see a declothed, bible-beating, sword-wielding Tony Perkins.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding