Once You Do Douthat, You Won’t Want To Do That

There was so much in Ross Douthat’s latest that was deserving of mockery (and it looks like everyone agreed) but there was one finding in the CDC’s “OMG! Virginity Is The New Black!” report that Ross didn’t touch upon, possibly because it opens up a whole different can of worms complicating  his “You Broke It (the hymen), You Marry It” membership drive:

Further data collected from the survey, which asked men and women about their sexual behavior, sexual attraction and sexual identity, found that among adults aged 25 to 44, about 98 percent of females and 97 percent of males have had vaginal intercourse; 89 percent of females and 90 percent of men have had oral sex with an opposite-sex partner; and 36 percent of females and 44 percent of males have had anal sex with an opposite-sex partner.

The survey also found that women aged 15 to 44 were more than twice as likely to have had a same-sex experience as men of the same age (in 2006-2008, approximately 12.5 percent of women reported a same-sex experience compared with 5.2 percent of men).

Other data showed that women with four or more sexual partners in their lifetime were more likely to have had a female sexual partner, compared with women who had had no male partners or women who’ve had only one male partner. While the percentage of men and women who reported they were either straight or homosexual was similar, the percentage of women who reported they were bisexual was more than three times as high as men.

Chandra says one of the things that stood out for her in the report was the same-sex reporting for women.

“There was speculation that it was possibly just experimentation among college girls but we didn’t see anything to support that,” she says. “We saw the opposite. When we look at college-degreed women, they were less likely to report same-sex activity than other educational groups. Among men, there’s more same-sex activity among higher-educated men. And for women, the highest level of same-sex activity was reported by those with less education.”

While I can appreciate the fact that the CDC debunked the whole LUG/GUG/BUG myth despite voluminous evidence to the contrary (i.e. Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Vols. I – LXIX), I’m surprised that Ross didn’t latch onto this fact and decry the rising tide of GED lesbianism and what to do, what to do? The obvious answer would be to increase the availability of affordable higher education to all women thereby  increasing their future prospects (both career and marital) by introducing them to the finer things in life life like literature, philosophy and beer pong. But with women already outnumbering men on college campuses this will only widen what is already being  described as the”Penis Gap”. Can academia fill this gap in a mutually satisfying way? Yes they can, and for this America must call upon our best and our brightest. You know… Harvard men.

Providing they’re up for it, of course…

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