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Dramatis Interruptus – Politics, Science and How the Internet Gets Them Wrong

(Self-promotion ahoy!)

Dramatis Interruptus is a weekly deconstruction of the media, the political sphere, or popular science. Each podcast is 20-40 minutes in length – turn it on and go about your day. I can’t guarantee that you’ll always agree with my conclusions (such is the nature of the beast), but you’ll always learn something – I promise. I’m always open to recommendations and requests, so long as they fall into one of the show topic areas (science, politics, literature, culture or the Internet).

The podcasts are available both through and an audio stream, both of which can be found here. Here are a few episodes I think the community will particularly enjoy:

Failed Websites – The most absurd episode yet recorded. I pretended this was a case study, but it was really an excuse to riff on one of my favorite subjects. I could talk about these idiots for hours.

Evolutionary Psychology – The first one I did, and a personal favorite. This was spontaneous and only minimally edited, so it’s a bit rough . . . not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

The Atlantic Monthly – One long episode about pundits and the damage they can cause. This was the first episode where the topic was recommended to me.
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