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Most cats do not approach humans recklessly. The possibility of concealed weapons, clods or sticks, tend to make them reserved. Homeless cats in particular – with some justification, unfortunately – consider humans their natural enemies. Much ceremony must be observed, and a number of diplomatic feelers put out, before establishing a state of truce. ~Lloyd Alexander


When I first brought Maste home I knew that there was a possibility that he’d be incontinent of urine and feces for life. The traumatic injury to his tail, said Dr, most often severs vertebrae and nerves in and around the hips and we really don’t know what internal damage is done. For the first 10 days he was incontinent of both but after I took him in to have his sutures removed he hasn’t been incontinent of urine since. Never have figured that out but never look a gift horse in the mouth. His incontinence of feces hasn’t been a big problem and after I switched from Science Diet to Iams Chicken and Salmon it was rare to find a colliewobble anywhere. When Iams took the Chicken/Salmon food off the shelves last summer I had to go to the original Iams formula and Maste was again leaving little land mines around the place. About 6 weeks ago the Iams Chicken/Salmon dry food reappeared on the shelves. A week after switching back Maste was no longer leaving presents. Damnedest thing.


The days are getting longer and the tigers can be found in the windows in the afternoons, soakin’ up the rays. Yesterday evening I had all but Tama-chan curled up in the living and dining room. Tama loves the waterbed and it’s hard to get him off of it except at mealtimes and when he wants attention.

From the left, Feurae, Shiimsa, Skoshi and Bapu

Clockwise, Toes, Maste, Igraine, Nagi, Mojo

Ptah and Kismet

Gabby, who ran to the chair as soon as I came into the room with the camera. He had been on the top of the couch above Skoshi and Bapu.

In the first pic Skoshi is in the process of getting up and comin’ to the dad for some pets. By the time I’d finished the panorama she was sitting in front of me, patiently waiting.

Spring is in the air and the boys of summer are ready to play. Me, I’m waiting for the hairball onslaught.

Share you tiger stories with us.

The movement of the Tao consists in Returning.
That use of the Tao consists in softness.

All things under heaven are born of the corporeal:
The corporeal is born of the Incorporeal.

Tao Te Ching, 40, Lao Tzu

If I called her she would pretend not to hear, but would come a few moments later when it could appear that she had thought of doing so first. ~Arthur Weigall

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