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Pull Up a Chair

I thought we could all use a bit of music today… and I found some still shots of John Lennon at youtube. They’re part of a video in which he’s singing “Imagine.” Takes me back to my youth, and I suspect it does the same for many of you, too.

There’s coffee and tea and hot chocolate and toasted raisin bread, scrambled or poached eggs, home fries… what would you prefer? Do you like ketchup with your home fries?

What do you have planned for today? I’m going to lunch with a birthday club I belong to. There are five of us, and we like to celebrate our birthdays with lunch or brunch. Today, we’re going to a Mediterranean restaurant, because that’s what Wendy likes. Wendy’s birthday a year ago was the first one we celebrated… we all had such a good time that we decided to celebrate all of our birthdays together.

What are you imagining today?

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