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The US demands that Israeli-funded African Mercenaries be granted Immunity from War Crimes!

Edward Teller first posted a story about this yesterday, but its not up on the front pages anymorem so, I need to hat tip him first by linking to it here.

Second, I want to add some more details that have come to my attention since he posted it.  This story is important because it involves the potential use of US Military personnel in a theater of war where they may be harmed, and it involves the use of US tax dollars to pay for those forces.  It also involves the right of an indigenous people, Libyans, to determine their future for themselves, and how they have risen up to oppose a brutal tyrant of over 40 years.  Finally, this story involves the potential that our Commander-in-Chief and President, Barack Obama, may be lying through his teeth to us, the American people, and that NATO, the United Nations Security Council, and other European nations may also be doing one thing but claiming to do another.


1.  The UK Telegraph reported today that 

African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend’s UN resolution that was demanded by the United States.

2.  The United Nations has imposed an arms embargo on the nation of Libya (Source here)

3.  The Rebels have seized most of the port cities on the Mediterranean (meaning they will be the first ones to receive any ship-based weapons cargo…) (some information here)

4.  The US  is moving military hardware and assets into the Mediterranean, with the President saying  (source here) (according to Slate Magazine):

President Obama said he is giving the U.S. military “full capacity to act, potentially rapidly,” if things get worse, reports the Washington Post. “I don’t want us hamstrung,” the president said Thursday, adding that he didn’t want “a situation in which defenseless civilians were finding themselves trapped and in great danger,” or “a stalemate that over time could be bloody.”

5.  Yet, the Israeli government has authorized the Israeli company, Global CST, to finance and arm and supply Gaddafi with 50,000 African Mercenaries (from Uganda, Chad and other nations)! 

Well, when those Israeli-funded mercenaries arrive in defiance of US military imposed embargoes, what  will happen?  Will the US look the other way?  If the US only imposes an arms embargo on the rebels, but allows Israel to finance and arm and supply Gaddafi, then it will be clear that Obama lied, and that the use of US military force in the Mediterranean is to suppress the rebellion.  Not to help it.

This is not a story we should ignore.  It is a big f-ing deal for the US to move military assets out of the Persian Gulf, or Afghanistan, and into the Med.  

Why?  To secure the oilfields inLibya for western occupation.  To secure Israeli geo-strategic goals in the mediterranean.  To create a puppet regime in the region.  

If I were counseling the Israeli government, my advice would be to stop making enemies of everyone around you and to start ensuring your “strategic depth” by instead forging PEACE AGREEMENTS with your neighbors.  Extend the hand of hope, not the boot of oppression, and instead lift up your neighbors with offerings of help, instead of shoving them down with the boot on the neck. 

This is where the United States and Israel keep getting the long-term strategy wrong.  Now, the US has asked that these Israeli-funded African mercenaries be granted IMMUNITY FROM WAR CRIMES!   We will send US troops into harms way and ask that the other side be granted IMMUNITY?

Yet, we treat Bradley Manning, a US citizen convicted of no crimes, as if he were the greatest war criminal of all time. 

Amazing hypocrisy.  Breathtaking.  So, the mask now falls at last.  The United States, the UN security council, Israel, Britain and France, and NATO will all demonstrate an amazing use of force, claiming to be helping the rebels, when in fact they are really trying to crush the rebels, cutoff their arms supply, create a corridor that allows Israeli-funded mercenaries to resupply Gaddafi, and then grant IMMUNITY to those Israeli-funded mercenaries as they commit their war crimes.  While the US looks on with its military obediently monitoring the situation.

Remember the “Oil for Food” Scandal?

The last time we used the US military in a no-fly zone and embargo to “cripple” a strong man was when the United Nations and NATO engaged in the now-scandolous Oil-for-Food Embargo.  Remember?  Where we starved the majority of the Iraqi population and helped Saddam get fat and happy?

Remember when Poppy Bush encouraged the heroes of Iraq to rise up and resist Saddam Hussein?  They did so.  And then the US stood down and allowed Saddam to  crush those people.

Why?  Perhaps because the United States needed those true patriots out of the way.  The US knew it would one day eliminate Saddam and replace him with a more pliable puppet.  But it needed the patriots of Iraq to be crushed first.  For they would never be pliable puppets.

So too here in Libya, I think.  The United States wants Gaddafi gone – eventually.  To be replaced with a more pliable puppet.  But the US doesn’t want the leaders and heroes of this uprising in Libya to be successful either.  The US needs those intelligentsia of the nation, the politicians, military leaders, and true patriots of Libya to be crushed first. 

And that is where the Israeli-funded African Mercenaries come into play.  To crush those rebels.  And then the US will provide diplomatic cover in the Security Council with its Veto and with this new immunity from war crimes resolution.  Then, with the rebels sufficiently crushed, the US will be able to move in with its own pliable set of puppets, culled from the remainder of the Libyan populace that wasn’t stalwart or brave enough to rise up, but instead stood on the sidelines.  From the ranks of them will bribes and blackmail and coercion by the US and NATO be drawn the future puppets of an oil-rich North African nation.

Keep your eyes on the ball.  This is the game they are playing.  Why else are the mainstream outlets (and many so-called “progressive” blogs) hiding this story?  This is the game.   Obama thinks he can fool the Western populations by using military force in the region under the guise of “averting a humanitarian disaster” but in reality, he is using that military force to quietly allow the suppression of the rebels.  Israeli-funded African Mercenaries will do the killing and suppression.  The US military will simply make sure that all arms to the rebels will be cut off.  The US will suffocate and strangle the rebellion, while Israel finances and directs the murder of the rebellion.  The US will claim it is really cutting off Gaddafi…

But that can’t be possible when the United States’ own “ally of allies”, Israel, is directly violating the arms embargo.  When the military that is creating the embargo allows one side to violate the embargo, while the other side is not allowed to, then it is clear which side that military is on.

If the United States allows Israeli-funded African mercenaries to arm and supply and support Gaddafi, and simultaneously interdicts arms shipments to the Rebels, then the world will know, should know, must know that the US destroyed the Rebels.  Not the other way around.  This is the great game.  To convince the sheeple of the West that black is white, day is night, and up is down, and wrong is right.  Then, and only then, can true tyranny exist in the full light of day with the consent of the oppressed.

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