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Mike Huckabee Slams Natalie Portman for Having a Child “Out of Wedlock”

Pictured: Mike Huckabee

I promise. I really didn’t intend to write yet another Mike Huckabee post this morning — but he just won’t stop saying really stupid shit.

In a radio interview Monday, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee criticized Natalie Portman’s presentation of her single motherhood during Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, saying that American culture should stop “glorify[ing]” and “glamoriz[ing]” unwed mothers.

“One of the things that’s troubling is that people see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet who boasts of, ‘Hey look, you know, we’re having children, we’re not married, but we’re having these children, and they’re doing just fine.’ […]

“I think it gives a distorted image that yes, not everybody hires nannies, and caretakers, and nurses,” Huckabee said. “Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can’t get a job, and if it weren’t for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care. And that’s the story that we’re not seeing, and it’s unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out of children wedlock.”

Yep, it’s Dan Quayle/Murphy Brown — all over again. But one wonders: how does Huck feel about Bristol Palin?

As an aside, someone might wanna remind Huck that most of the out-of-wedlock baby makin’ is happening not in Hollywood, but in the most right-wing states.

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