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Today the world is in a fine mess. I think that everyone can at the very least agree with that statement. We may have different ideas on how the world ended up in the chaos that is today. Even the most like minded people have subtle differences.

People reason differently in a infinite array of possibilities. A political party defies such logic by defining their reasoning as an collective. Much in the same way that religions do. Its a group that is an collective belief system.

Most people subscribe either to an Religion or a political party of some sort. Or in simplest terms they agree with some people that they know.

People feel comfort in not being the odd man out. they like to belong and not be an outcast. So it is natural that people form collectives of belief systems. They feel that they are justified by the mere fact that they are not alone. Which can be both satisfying and rewarding and even healthy in some cases. But it is only positive if the belief system is positive. If the belief system is negative then the actions of that group tends to be negative.

The pro-life movement for example is a negative belief system. Of coarse a pro-lifer doesnt see it that way. All they can perceive is that they are saving lives in their minds. But did they come up with the idea on their own? No of coarse not. They were told that abortions were murder by their collective belief system. But the Pro-lifers are only a segment of a larger doomsday message.

To the Religious Right or far Right or Social Conservative which ever you want to call them. You may be surprised that I included them in the Far Right. I mean isnt the Far Right reserved for white supremacy groups, Nazis and such? Ideologically yes theres a difference in subtle ways.

But what difference does it really make? Both have Negative Platforms. They both assert that American morals have declined to the point that we must be told how to be moral. They believe that we are not capable for various reasons to become moral. Which is a negative platform.

Any political platform that claims: ” You are bad and we are good and we are the only ones that can make everyone and everything good”, is a negative platform.

In order to change things to fit what the collective belief system wants, the first job is to declare that the current way that things are done is invalid. So it does not matter if everyone looses their jobs, as long as their collective belief system wins.

For many years we have watched the Democrats and the Republicans behave this way. If the opposing team is in office make them look bad at all costs. Destroy the economy if need be. And other despicable behavior is the norm for both Parties. And most other political parties.

Face the facts things are fucked up all over not because one party system is corrupt, its all of them. The fault lies with all of us. We are to blame, not our parents or our forefathers. We the people are to caught up in being in the in crowd, our need for justification of who is to blame. As long as its not us. This is the point and reasoning behind Negative political campaigns, to pass blame onto someone else or some other group.

What that turns into is a collective group of haters. Their team is morally better and has all the solutions if you just submit to them. You have to first admit guilt to change sides. Its as old as religion. And is the Achilles heal of humanity.

That fact is that we are all humans no less and no more then anyone else. There is no such thing as an elite citizen. Money and power doesnt go with people when they die. Once one admits that they are inferior for whatever reason; they have lost. They have submitted to their masters by there own will. You cant be a master unless the servants accept you as master. Until they do submit you are only their oppressor.

Which brings us to classism. Upper classes only exist to those who have submitted to being a lower class. Every time someone places  someone else in a social class based on income or location etc. They are asking you to submit to them.

Elites are the favorite target of some political groups. I agree that these so called elites are perverting Democracy. Their money and subsequently the power that comes with it, is a great hindrance to a equal society. But they are still (despite how they believe) our equals and should be treated as such. All laws should be equal. The punishment should fit the crime. If I break the law I do not want to spend more or less time behind bars then anyone else. But all to often people want revenge. Revenge has no place in an just and equal society.

Our goal should be for equality, for freedom and liberty, and that each citizen has the right to live their life in dignity. Our goals should never be to place blame. I am not denying justice by saying that. But if the best people can up with for a better future is by blaming other people for what is everyone’s responsibility. Then what kind of future will we be fighting for? One that punishes people for not being a part of the popular collective belief system?

We are all on the same planet. Collective society only works if we accept that we are an diverse society, that we all dont share the same reasoning. This is the main point of Democracy, to represent the voice of everyone, not special groups or individuals. But we also need to remember that the entire world is an collective society. And technology is helping us be one people, but we will still be diverse culturally. We need to accept that people have different belief systems. And that we cant really change that fact even by force.

Until we recognize that we are all in this fight for freedom and liberty together, we will just be fighting each other. From left to right we all want the same things. Its naive to believe that only one side can be the moral spokesman. I have known great caring people from all walks of life. I am no different then the common beggar on the corner or the rich person throwing them a donation. They are both my equals. I stand above no one and no one stands below me, we all stand shoulder to shoulder.

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