FBI Tired Of Looking Into Lila Rose’s Stolen Vaginas

Having already wasted valuable time and resources investigating the performance art of Lila Rose’s Pimp ‘N Ho Traveling Minstrel Show, the Justice Department told her that they are going to be busy washing their hair/sorting their sock drawer/shaving the cat and won’t be looking into any more of her  911 crank calls about Planned Parenthood selling nubile young women between the ages of 13 to 17 being sold to Muslim harems.

LiveAction has released a series videos over the past few months showing actors dressed as pimps and prostitutes asking Planned Parenthood employees about getting abortions for underage girls. LiveAction secretly filmed the interactions.

The FBI launched an investigation into the potential sex trafficking ring after Planned Parenthood alerted them to the pattern (before the videos were released, and before it was revealed that LiveAction was behind the incidents), though they acknowledged at the time that it may have been a “hoax.”

“It is my understanding that the FBI actually has looked at that matter” and “prosecution was declined in that matter,” Holder said.

In a desperate attempt to once again attract the FBI’s attention, Rose will now go to a Disney store, buy a Princess Jasmine costume, mess up her hair, and then stumble into a local police station claiming to have escaped from a Planned Parenthood sex farm. She will also carve a backward “H” on her cheek, claiming that “they” did to this to all of the girls.

The “H”, of course, standing for “whore”.

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