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Charles Koch in the WSJ

In this Op-Ed piece Koch attempts to rationalize his hamfisted corruption of the American political process.

In it he cites entitlements, business subsidies and defense spending as the culprits in government spending, yet applies no pressure on politicians to actually address any of these with any useful specificity. In fact, he admits taking subsidies to produce and distribute ethanol then decries the practice! Instead, Koch goes after public sector unions who represent at best/worst only a tiny fraction of that spending. His strategic thinking on politics is essentially the same wingnut I’ve got mine John Birch Society libertarianism that his PTSD father came to after building up Russia’s oil production capacity for Stalin. The entire Koch empire was built on a single bit of clever chemical engineering, Stalin’s oil money, and quasipathalogically aggressive business practices. He is as far as political advocacy silent on the largest and most obvious means to cut federal spending- the defense budget- the same defense establishment that has become a de facto taxpayer financed trillion dollar a year private security force for the rapacious tax dodging oil multinationals.

That delusional sociopaths like Koch have such a disproportionate voice in American politics is shocking and dangerous in extremis patria.

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Raymond Davis

Raymond Davis