I’m With The Band

If there is an upside in the Wisconsin standoff for Ann Althouse, it is that it has provided her amusingly named husband Meade with something to do besides hang around the house and “tip the box” for Ann. And, no, “tipping the box” isn’t something dirty and sordid  although it certainly sounds like it should be.

Meade is here and here and here and, well… you get the idea. Like most Althouse posts there is very little contained within that could charitably be called informative, however I am quite taken with  Meade’s shaky-cam technique which may very well land him a job with Lars von Trier if he ever decides to do a  remake The Blair Witch Project.


Lesson to be learned here: Mentioning that you are with the “Althouse blog” apparently won’t get you into the capitol building …  but I hear it can get you an additional 15% off at BevMo.

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