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You may remember that story last week of Libyan pilots who defected rather than bomb their fellow citizens in Benghazi.

Well, not everyone defected apparently.

With escalating hostilities bringing Libya closer to civil war, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s forces struck back at his opponents on three fronts, with special forces, regular army troops and, rebels said, fighter jets.

But it is not going all that well for Qaddafi, amazing how bombing your citizenry (literally and or right now in this country figuratively) undermines a leader’s support, not that reality matters.

In an interview with ABC News, Colonel Qaddafi said he was fighting against “terrorists,” and he accused the West of seeking to “occupy Libya.” He gave no hint of surrender. “My people love me,” he said. “They would die for me.”

They certainly are.

Obviously recall petitions are a better way.

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