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The SacBee Is Irresponsible and They Can’t Count

I was at the Pro Wisconsin Union rally in Sacramento on Saturday. I couldn’t believe the story in the Sacramento Bee this morning. The Bee emphasized the five minutes of contention between the Anti-union people and the Pro-union people. There was no reporting of the call from the podium for calm and restraint and the fact that the Pro-union people listened. It was the Anti-union (Tea Party) that instigated the problems during the day. The capital police had to constantly maintain order in the Tea Party ranks.

The crowd count was way off, too. I did not see 150 Tea Partiers. I saw about forty or fifty.

I took photos but didn’t get any panoramic views of the two crowds. Here is a map I created showing the Tea Party group in red and the pro-union people in blue. Since I was in the crowd of union supporters (Go Wisconsin!) my shots of the Tea Party are not as robust.

Below you will find the photographs I took of the two groups. The ones outlined in red are the Tea Party. The ones outlined in blue are the union supporters. The images give an idea of the density of the two crowds. (after the jump)

Next time I will make sure to get panoramic photos of the crowds. And I will find out how to get the most accurate crowd count.

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