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Rewriting the Union Label

Why do anti-union crusaders and their corporate backers seem so bent on attacking teachers and public employees?

Well, it’s a simple matter of supply and demand.

They demand the opportunity to finally break the economic and political power of unions. And they demand that we somehow blame unions for the dysfunctional economic system created by corporations and their peculiar brand of globalization.

But the supply of unionized workers is dwindling.

In fact, their globalized wealth reallocation system has worked so well that those demonized teachers and public employees are practically the only union workers still standing. While just over 37% of public sector employees currently belong to unions, only about 7% of private sector employees are unionized. And with so much of America’s productive capacity now relocated to far-off, painfully inexpensive shores, teachers and other public sector employees are just about the only union “enemies” they have left.

Long gone are the days when you could look for the union label…and actually find one!

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