We just spoke with David Dayen in the Capitol – from all appearances, Capitol police are NOT removing the protestors who remain in the building. For the moment, 35 minutes after the supposed clearing of the Capitol Building, the police have no orders to move people, and the protestors aren’t going anywhere.

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Capitol police either hasn’t gotten orders or has been told to do nothing #wiunion3 minutes ago

Dane Co sheriff is here, doesn’t see a public safety or health problem with ppl staying. #onedaylonger #wiunion17 minutes ago

Doesn’t look like they’re kicking anyone out yet #wiunion25 minutes ago

Announcement: “the Capitol is now closed” #wiunion34 minutes ago

There are hundreds of people still in the Capitol, and according to David, not nearly enough police to clear them out. The live feed from the top of the Rotunda just cut out.

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Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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