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Solidarity with Wisconsin here at FDL and MyFDL

graphic: Detlef.Schrempf via Flickr

It was a great day this Saturday for the friends and family at Firedoglake and its family of sites; we had attendees at solidarity rallies literally from coast to coast. On Sunday we’ll front page all the coverage our community members and contributors have submitted as we countdown to 4:00 p.m. CST when the capitol police in Wisconsin may attempt to shut down the capitol building.

Here’s the line up you can expect:

Nashville’s Solidarity With Wisconsin — Check out masaccio at Tennessee’s capitol with Mrs. masaccio; such a cute couple of “radicals.”

#WIUNION – Denver Solidarity Action — Community member Kelly Canfield attended the rally in Denver where it was sunny in more ways than one today.

NY Hearts Wisconsin — watertiger snaps great shots in NYC along with a choice LOL photo.

CA Unions & Others Demonstrate In Support Of WI Protestors @ Capital — Mary McCurnin rallied in Sacramento and took a lot of nice photos to share with us.

A Southeast Rally in Solidarity with Wisconsin — Community member Jim Hickey captures the energy of union workers rallying in Atlanta, Georgia; it’s a good sign in a state where only 4 percent of workers are union members.

You can read these already as they are published right now. Share them widely with friends and family since the mainstream corporate media decided that without crazy teabaggers, these demonstrations of free speech in action weren’t worth covering. Au contraire, mon freres — these events were extremely important and deserve wider coverage.

And don’t forget David Dayen’s coverage at the News page; David has been in Madison since Wednesday getting us live coverage from the capitol.

Did you attend a rally on Saturday? Write a diary and share it with us and we’ll try to promote it before 4:00 p.m. CST tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who took to capital cities today to show your solidarity!

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