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Wendys Bag, not yet felted

Not much is happening here at home these days… although we did have another snow fall. I shoveled for the trash men and the mailman before I left for work that morning, and then I left early to go home and finish shoveling. Fortunately, a lot of the snow on the sidewalks had melted. I had a hard time shoveling that ice, though. The next day it had melted, too.

I’m still saving money for my grandson’s trip to Europe with the marching band this summer, which means I’m not doing much shopping, except for food, and occasionally a bit of yarn. I should be able to make a substantial payment on his trip by the end of March. His other grandparents and his uncles and aunt are also contributing.

And, I have a lot of knitting projects in the works. I’ve decided to stop knitting baby blankets and knit some bags for the women who have recently had or adopted babies. A felted bag knits up a lot faster than a baby blanket… and it’s more fun, since I can paint with the yarn. And I’m getting my hair touched up tomorrow. Too much gray is showing for me, though others say it doesn’t look that bad. I’ll ask Paul to take a photo afterwards.

I’ve nearly finished the felted bag for my friend, Wendy, whose birthday is just past. We’re celebrating a bit later, since a couple of people in our birthday club had conflicts this weekend and next. We usually go out for brunch or lunch and have a great time catching up with one another. I’m not sure where we’re going this next time, but maybe we’ll go back to the place in Media that has a great brunch menu.   There’s a lot of creative energy in our club. Three of us belong to the same writers group. Another makes jewelery out of Fimo clay. And three members all play squash. I think they may have met through fencing. Frankly, those sports seem a bit dangerous to me.

What’s going in your world? Anything new and exciting? If there is, please share… we would love to know what’s happening.

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