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Come Saturday Morning: Spanners in the Right-Wing Works

The forces of greed and selfishness, as upheld by corporate focus-group-tested propaganda in the US and with guns in certain other parts of the world, hit a few speed bumps this week. Here’s a quick run-down:

— First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya: Three weeks ago, anyone who thought Moammar Qaddafi was anything other than securely locked onto his throne in Tripoli would have been laughed at. This week, a rumor that he may have been shot by the rebel forces that are steadily taking hold of the country was enough to put a temporary halt to the rise of oil prices, which have been shooting upwards as a result of fears of shipment disruption.

— The spirit of Madison is spreading throughout the nation: Indiana Democrats managed to kill a similar Koch-designed anti-union bill, and Republicans in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, among other places, are starting to back off a bit from their intention to ram their own cookie-cutter anti-worker bills down their respective states’ throats. (What’s humbling and thrilling to me: Egyptians have been standing in solidarity with the folks in Wisconsin, sending them pizzas courtesy of Ian’s Pizza.)

— Speaking of Madison, Wisconsin: The Republicans in the state legislature tried to pull a fast one to evict the protesters in the hope that once evicted, the protests and media attention would die off and the Koch GOPers could carry out their plans unhindered. But they reckoned without the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. Oops.

— The thing that might actually take down NewsCorp, the News of the World phone hacking scandal, has been simmering for years but up to now has been stymied by a sort of omertà among the principals. Not anymore: “The likelihood of further News of the World (NotW) journalists being dragged into the phone-hacking scandal increased yesterday when a judge ruled that names believed to belong to the paper’s employees should no longer be blanked out on key documents.” (Meanwhile, NewsCorp’s chief American arm, FOX, was in a bit of hot water when Judith Regan revealed that FOX News head Roger Ailes was the one who told her to lie under oath about her affair with Bernie Kerik to protect Rudy Giuliani’s 2006 presidential campaign. Funny how lying under oath about sex was considered full justification for impeaching Bill Clinton, yet Roger Ailes will never suffer any lasting or meaningful legal consequences over this.)

That’s it from me for now. What’s up in your corner of the world? How are you tossing your spanners into the corrupt corporate works today?

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