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Wisconsin Union Busting Passes (In the Wisconsin House) In Sneak Vote

Democrats in the state legislature of Wisconsin were “sitting around” at 1 AM; doing a filibuster. In a matter of seconds, the republican chair called at roll call vote and passed the heinous vote against teachers. Yup, it passed The house.
Now it has to pass the senate, this is the senate where Wisconsin Senate democrats have fled the state to prevent a vote.

Again, the Republicans crouched in the tall glass of the Wisconsin house waiting for the tired democrats to falter. In seconds they were past the defences of the Democrats and destroyed most unions in Wisconsin, despite things like Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. (not a legal document here in the USA)

So are the Republicans Lawless thugs for subverting the congress? Not in my book. Doing a Filibuster is already a rotten trick. I blame the corporate media for giving republican talking points dignity they don’t deserve, and Wisconsin voters for voting Rethuglican.

Thanks for reading
Sorry if anyone thinks the bill has passed both houses, it has not passed in the Wisconsin senate, it needs to pass there to be made law.


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