Republicans Serve Republicans, Democrats Serve Democrats, and No One Serves Americans (You Cannot Serve Two Masters)

The mess in Madison has accomplished its goal; at least as far as the two political parties are concerned.

Once again, we have Americans fighting with Americans over a side-show.  Not to belittle the grievances of the unions in Wisconsin, but their battle simply is not the major battle that needs to be fought in America.  The facts are plain, the Wisconsin budget is negative by over $3 Billion.  It’s either a cut in benefits or massive layoffs.  No one likes those two choices.  One of them will happen no matter what kind of sign you paint for the protest.

So what is this real battle I speak of?

It’s the battle of real America against the political class.  It’s the battle that no one in our media is talking about.  Yesterday, I told you that what bothered me about Governor Walker’s phone call from David Koch wasn’t in what he said, but that Koch had access to him at all.  I certainly don’t have that kind of access, and Walker is my Governor.  I actually voted for him, because the alternative, if you can believe it or not, was worse.  That’s the trouble with out election process; we have no decent choices.  All we have representing us in America is one Republican, and one Democrat.  When you break things down to the lowest common denominator, that is what you are left with.  Republicans are in complete lockstep with all other Republicans, and Democrats toe the line with all other Democrats.

One Republican, one Democrat; that’s what you have representing you.

The real battle is just beginning, and the “win” is to destroy the power that the two major parties have over America.  Unless you are willing that this should occur, you will forever be saddled with representation from One Democrat and One Republican, and those two “people” are busy entertaining the likes of union bosses and David Koch.  They don’t have time to do your business; all of their time is spent raising funds for their next election, and paying back their major donors.

In case you missed it, with all of the media hype over the protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, the actual union employees were sold out by their union bosses.  In response to Governor Walker’s demand that Wisconsin Public workers pay more into their health insurance and pension funds and the elimination of collective bargaining for benefits, the unions replied, “hell no, we won’t go!”…for about one day.  Once they realized that Walker and the state Republicans weren’t messing around, and wouldn’t budge, the union bosses quickly changed their tune.  Their response sounded something like this:

“Okay, okay.  We’ll make the employees we represent pay more into their health insurance and pensions!  Only, please, please, please, don’t get rid of us!”

To paint that response any other way would be fiction.  Union bosses sold out the State of Wisconsin Public Employees so that they could maintain their existence.  Furthermore, they sold the very people they represent on the idea that what they had done in capitulating to Republican demands was the Republican’s fault.  It wasn’t.  Remember, it’s either a cut in spending, or layoffs.  Which do you prefer?

The union bosses chose to protect their own interests, and then told the Democratic State Senators of Wisconsin to flee to Illinois, and those Senators obeyed, to a man.  One Democrat.  MIA.

On the other side, the Republican party has succeeded in getting their “constituents” to demonize the teachers of Wisconsin.  The Wall Street Journal reported that Wisconsin teachers earn over $100k in combined wages and benefits, and the conservatives in the crowd bellowed, “Outrageous!”  But does anyone really believe that the “average” Wisconsin teacher is earning that kind of bread?  Really?  Mission accomplished.  The one Republican in Wisconsin got every Conservative worked up into a lather over teacher compensation, because teachers earn way too much money.  Right?

One Republican.  David Koch’s money at work.

Like I said, the mess in Madison is a side-show.  What’s at stake in America isn’t how much teachers earn in Wisconsin, even though the one Democrat and the one Republican want you to believe that it is.  So long as you do, you’ll follow along like the good little sheep that you are.  But when you wake up to the facts, that’s when the real danger to the Republican and Democratic Parties will be born.

What’s at stake?  Your future, and your children’s future.  Do you want them to be represented by one Republican and one Democrat, neither of whom pays the slightest bit of attention to their actual constituents because they’re too busy taking phone calls from union bosses and the likes of David Koch?  Since when do Americans settle for being ignored?!  Since when do Americans allow two groups of people to completely dominate our process?  It’s been happening for a long time, and it needs to end, or their won’t be an America left to fight for.

It wasn’t you or me who sold American workers out to special interests when NAFTA and many other Free Trade agreements started sending American jobs and wealth to foreigners.  That was the Democrat and the Republican response to their donors demands for cheaper labor under the guise of “global competition”.  It wasn’t you or I who demanded that corporations and unions be treated like natural citizens so that they could donate unlimited amounts of cash and resources to the one Republican and the one Democrat seeking election.  It wasn’t you or I who fought for banks too big to fail; that was the doing of the one democrat and the one Republican in Washington.  It wasn’t you or I who then bailed those banks out because they couldn’t control themselves any better than a gaggle of teenage girls in a candy store.  It was a Democrat and a Republican who bailed them out, using our money!  All we got was massive unemployment, and platitudes from the two political parties.

Are you sick of them yet? Have you had enough?  Do you feel that over the last twenty years, you’ve been well represented?  Do you believe that when you go to the polls, you are making a real choice?  How can you be, when your choice consists of one Republican, and one Democrat, and every American knows exactly how every one of those elected will vote on every issue; namely in lock step with every one in his party?  Is that really representation of the American people, or is it rather representation of a political party and its agenda?

Jesus Christ said, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

Is it clear to us, to you and to me, that Republicans serve Republicans, and Democrats serve Democrats, and no one serves America?  Republicans serve their masters, and their masters are the wealthy.  Democrats serve their masters, and their masters are the unions, and certain other wealthy interests.  No one is serving you!  No one!

That’s the real issue in America.  The mess in Madison will go away soon enough, but the fact that you are not represented will never go away, so long as you allow it to be so.  No one can serve two masters; Republicans and Democrats weren’t endowed with special powers that allows them to ignore that basic human truth.  They are dedicated to the advancement of their political party, the facts of which are visible in every vote they take, and every statement they make.  Let no man or woman on the one hand tell you that there is no red America or blue America, there is only one United States of America.  He is a liar.  We will remain the Divided States of America so long as two political parties remain in power.  These parties cannot help but to put their agenda ahead of the good of America, for no one can serve two masters.  Your one Republican and one Democratic representative would tell you that they are Americans first, and partisans second.  But I tell you, look to the way they vote and speak in lockstep.  Look to their results, look to their actions.  The evidence is in, and Republicans and Democrats have betrayed America time and again to advance their pathetic political agendas.

And how good are those agendas for you and me?  They are so good that you and I are left with 17% of all adult Americans being unable to find a full-time job.  We are saddled with two wars and countless of our young dead.  We are beset by dwindling wages while the rich get richer.  We are forced to watch as time after time, legislation coming out of Washington or out of our State Capitals favors Party donors while forgetting the rest of us.

You don’t have a representative in Washington or in your state Capital.  You may have voted for one, but what you got instead was a Party hack trying to serve two masters, and doing a bad job of it at that.  Happy days will never again come to America, so long as America is led by two political parties that are very good at serving themselves and their major donors, while ignoring the rest of us.

Does anyone really believe that balancing the Federal budget is this hard?  Really?  All it takes is willpower!  If something is needed, people of character get it done.  There is no one with character in Washington.  If there is, you can’t hear them, because they are currently drowned out by the gears of Party machinery.  If something is needed, people of character get it done, and people of character do not mind being judged by their actions.  There is no one in Washington with character, because there is no one in Washington who doesn’t represent a master closer to his heart than America.

When something needs to be done, people of character get it done; they do not rest until they do.

In Washington, we have lacked people of character for decades. The time has come to eliminate that disease.  What, you must ask yourself as an individual, are you willing to do to make it so; because when something needs to be done, people of character get it done.     ?

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