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Gaddafi Loyalists Shoot Protesters in Tripoli as They Leave Prayers

Libyans who planned to protest in Tripoli after Friday prayers were met with gunfire as they left their mosques.

The Guardian also reports:

Gunmen in cars reportedly opened fire on protesters as they streamed out of mosques after Friday prayers. Witnesses described shooting in streets near Green Square in the heart of the city.

The video here shows one such protest and the gunfire – with the BBC noting that:

The video has not been verified as authentic, but an analyst at BBC Monitoring, which examines international media, has identified the location as outside Jamal Abdel Nasser mosque, in central Tripoli.

Libya Feb 17 provides a translation:

The blood of the martyrs, will not go in vain!
There is no god except God! Mohammed is the messenger of God!
With our blood, with our souls, we sacrifice ourselves for you Benghazi

There is no god except God!
Come here, come here, this way, Abdullah! Abdullah, don’t stop!
Where’s your uncle?
I don’t know he was running behind me just now…
Abdullah, come come, come here.

The BBC also reports:

2159: More details have emerged about the violence in Tripoli today. A witness in the city’s eastern Tajoura district told AP news agency: “In the first wave of fire, seven people within 10 meters (yards) of me were killed. Many people were shot in the head… It was really like we are dogs.”

Later in the day, Gaddafi appeared with a group of supporters in the Green Square for:

another angry and defiant speech to crowds of supporters waving banners and cheering him — a message that he is alive and in control — as he pledged to “open up the arsenals”.

With the White House finally announcing sanctions and:

… acting to cut off limited military assistance to Libya and had placed financial institutions on notice to watch for the sudden movement of funds from the country.

[cont’d.] We also hear vague hints that suggest some form of possible military action but comments on many Feb17 support sites show that the Arab world understandably has no stomach for another US invasion or “intervention” in an oil-rich muslim country. Medical and humanitarian aid are despearately needed – with warnings that Libya’s food supply is failing as well as urgent calls from hospitals and doctors for supplies.

A Doctors Without Borders team was turned back by officials in Tripoli, another waits on the Tunisian border with urgently needed medical supplies and one six person team has reached Benghazi.

You can support Doctors without Borders efforts by donating here.

The second video is of women in Darna protesting against Gaddafi yesterday.

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