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Find A Wisconsin Solidarity Rally and Go

We have an opportunity to show solidarity with the activists in Wisconsin at noon, your local time, on Saturday, February 26. Move-On is sponsoring rallies around the country, places where those of us who can’t get to Madison can show our support. This link will show you the one nearest you. Please go if you possibly can.

A lot of the people who go to these big rallies are new at participating. Take a lesson from the people of Wisconsin. They are talking to each other, educating each other, and encouraging each other. You can do the same thing. Talk to your neighbors. Ask why they are there. Ask what they think of the speeches. Find out what other issues are important to them.

Maybe they care about foreclosures and housing fraud, Egypt, banksters, taxes or pot. FDL readers are well informed, so you can talk about these things. If they seem interested, mention FDL, and our coverage. Tell them you will be posting photos or writing here or on your own blog, and get them to take a look. Remember, people who will take one action will take another. This is how movements grow, people asking other people to take an action.

Use the comments to this post to link your pictures, or link to your blog or your tweets, or just to report. If you have a lot to say, write a diary. We would all love to know what you saw, who spoke, what they said, and whether there was any kind of follow-up. We’d like to know what the cops do. We’d like to know what your neighbors think. Your local paper and TV station may be there. Link to their coverage, and compare their reports with what you saw and heard. We want to know whatever you can tell us.

There is more to these rallies than just going. Go, and do more. I’ll be in Nashville at the State Capitol at noon. That’s me in the avatar photo above. If you see me, make sure you say hello!

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