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Ask YouTube Questions for Boehner

Youtube is taking public questions for John Boehner.

I don’t think we will get satisfactory answers to any questions we ask, but it’s like Lyndon Johnson said when an aide told him a rumor wasn’t true that he was trying to start about an opponent having sex with a horse..  “I know, ” Johnson said, “but I want to hear him deny it.”

Talk to the Boehner

My questions as Yurbud for Theirboner:

Politicians seem to be simply bought by a handful of corporations and wealthy individuals and work for them in office, and literally work for them as lobbyists, CEO’s, and board members when they leave office. Will you end this open corruption?

Worker productivity in the US has gone up significantly in the last few decades, and CEO pay and corporate profits have tracked pretty closely with that but worker wages have remained fairly flat. Is that fair to the workers who were so productive?

How do tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy create jobs when the problem is decreased demand for their products? Why would anyone hire people to make or sell more products than people want to buy?

How do you plan to eventually pay for gigantic war debt run up by President Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is your plan to cover it solely by cutting programs for the working and middle class?

What will Republicans do to rein in Wall Street’s scams and ponzi schemes and redirect their efforts to long term investing in real businesses instead of shorting and cannibalizing them?

Does the Republican Party have any strategy for bringing jobs back to the US BESIDES low taxes on the rich, cutting environmental and safety regulation, and demanding that Americans eventually work for Third World wages?

Do you think the contracts that gave bonuses to Wall Street executives even after they tanked our and the world economy are more sacred than the contracts of teachers, police, and firefighters that Republican governors are trying to break?

Given the coordinated nationwide assault on labor unions, and trade deals that have outsourced our manufacturing jobs, who does the Republican Party thinks deserves a middle class standard of living?

Talk to the Boehner

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