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Renewable Energy and Big Business

There exists technology today that could eliminate the need for coal and natural gas power plants nation wide. And most likely Nuclear power plants could be replaced as well. But there is an ironical twist as to why we are not working as a nation to implement this much cleaner and efficient technology.

Outside of existing Corporations that own Coal and Natural Gas power plants lobbying Against it. And the propaganda campaign that comes up with oxymoron slogans like ‘clean coal’. (If it wasnt so serious I would laugh at that.) We would be on our way to leading a clean energy Revolution.

The problem with todays power grid is that it must use vast amounts of metals and vast tracts of land for the supply lines. This out dated set up only sets us up for disaster. Long distance power lines are largely inefficient  by nature. The cost of maintaining them is not cost effective.

theres no real logical reason that oil or natural gas should be more cost effective then electric heat. The only reason that in many places those fuels are still used is based on the fact that electricity is over priced. And the reason its over priced is from the the effects of an outdated power grid and source of producing that power.

Ironically environmental oppose any proposed idea of new hydro-electric power stations. Many (not all) but most major cities have a large river that runs near or even through it. Environmental groups also oppose a lot of proposed windmill sites.   It just seems contradictorily behavior to me.

All such projects should be on the local level to eliminate the need vast huge long power transmission lines. Also another aspect of renewable electricity is the fact that every home should have at the very least a windmill and solar cells. And I know that many people wish that they could.

But going green is big business. So the pricing of those solar cells and windmills are to high for the average family to afford. This needs to change.

And it need to happen yesterday. With a  new localized power grid, we really dont need all those expensive batteries that are required right now.     The power grid itself would act as the battery. if your personal power station isnt producing enough others that are would take up the slack. Plus with local wind hydro and solar public power stations there would not be anymore rolling black outs or brown outs.

But I dont think the private sector is capable of efficiently doing this on there own. For one there isnt enough money in it.

The nations power needs are for the people. We should have the ultimate power to  over see such operations. A regulated private sector seems quite unprepared and unwilling to make such a huge jump. So in this case I fully support a national (although locally controlled) power system.

Large industry could still produce their own power but within strict guidelines. They would have the same rights and requirements as everyone else. There would need to be a realistic cap on how much each house hold or business could use. Up until that point the power would be free. After that cap is passed then a fair usage charge would be made. And if a consumer passes a even higher cap then they should pay a higher usage fee. This would keep people and businesses from wasting energy.

But I am afraid until we stop unless we stop lobbying we will never see such an system in reality.

BTW did you know Obama’s 2012 campaign spending prediction is estimated at 1 billion dollars? One billion dollars would go a long way in addressing the power grid. Shame on him!

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