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Why a Socialist Revolution Won’t Work in the USA

Despite popular Socialist belief we are not headed towards Revolution.

When I gaze into the crystal ball (just like everyone else is doing) I can only make out people (mostly Socialists and worse some Communists, But also some Right-Wing extremists thrown in the mix to be fair) trying to start an Revolution to satisfy their selfish need to tell other people that their version of government is the perfect replacement. When that goes over like a Led Zeppelin (no not the band, they actually floated very high) then the fighting starts and bamm! Civil War!.

In other words be reasonable when you wish for imposing something onto a large portion of an population that is never going to agree with you. Is that really what you want? Is that Democracy? Are you fighting the correct war?

Hold on I know what your thinking. Really I do. I am not saying lets keep up this status quo everyone on every side is pissed about. Yes even the Conservatives aren’t happy with the status quo.

But look at the big picture step back observe that for once that this isnt going to work all nice and pretty like we are changing a hall monitor.

How many dead children before your new version of an regime is put into place? How many jobs will there be for us? How many neighborhoods destroyed? How much natural resources wasted?

Personally I see no good from wanting a Revolution in America. I only see death and destruction. And who are the ‘people’ going to blame? Who are the war mongers? You or them? Who are acting like exceptionalists?

Say you are able to have a successful Revolution (by some strange variable of chaos) and you finally implement Socialism. And we are at the very least talking about Socialism, because normal American liberals do not want to overthrow themselves. What happens to those millions of Conservatives? Im not talking about the elites scum, Im talking about that guy or women working hard in their blue collar job. Who are now unemployed because the country literally shut down and now unemployment is way above 50%.

Or are you going to just get rid of these people? Seriously what is the plan for all of those non-believers?

While your new regime is trying to figure that out, Surprise!! Your new oppressed half of the population (give or take) has started an insurgency. And Civil War breaks out anyway.

I just don’t think any of you Socialists really are looking at reality. You will never convince everyone that Socialism is utopia or anything that they want.

I personally think Political Parties are the Corrupted force behind even yes the Corporations. You cant have Democracy with a group being led by another group, partly or full. But I dont think it would be moral of me to force that opinion on anyone else. And certainly not instigate a no win situation that can lead no-where but Civil War. I am not that naive or arrogant.

So you guys need to think about what it is that you want. Are you standing up to your own ideals?

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