Revolution in the Middle East. Can it Happen Here?

The Middle East is ablaze with revolution.  So far, the only blood shed has been by the forces of the status quo.  From Egypt and Tunisia to Libya and Iran, the masses have organized, and left the political parties behind.  And the masses are winning.  It’s about time.

The poor media and our politicians don’t get it.  They think this is a localized event; it’s not.

It only gets bloody when the wealthy and the powerful refuse to allow change. The world might be experiencing some social growing pains at the moment, but never confuse that for a bunch of uneducated, poor,  brown people shrugging off the chains of oppression for democracy.  It’s not about democracy at all.

It’s about human dignity.

Sadly, the wealthy and the powerful are always the last to get it.  History proves this again and again and again.

If you believe that what’s happening in the Middle East can’t, or won’t, happen here, hang on to your hats.  When government approval ratings hover around 25-35%, there’s little that the little people believe worthy of saving.

And to think, the Heads on CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC believe that what’s needed in these revolutionized countries is a few good political parties.

I ask you; is that not near to the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?      ?

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