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Happy Birthday, Dan Choi!

Lt. Dan Choi turns 30 today; I’m sure that 10 years ago he never envisioned being an activist and one of the faces of the modern equality movement. Thank you for your service and putting yourself on the line in more ways than one – encouraging others to take direct action.


At 12:30PM, ET, the world of direct action will be discussed — attend a virtual panel sponsored by eQualityGiving:

Acting Differently: Civil Disobedience, Direct Action, and More

From a few clandestine organizers that started the Mattachine Society in 1950 to HRC with almost 200,000 Facebook Fans in 2010, our numbers are growing, but to what use? From chaining yourself to a fence, to camping outside a campaign office, to disrupting rush hour at Grand Central Station, direct action is on the rise in the movement towards equality. What happened last year, what impact did it have, and what’s next?


  • J. Todd (Tif) Fernandez, JD, LLM. Civil rights activist. Organizer, Grand Central ‘Homophobia Kills Die-In’, and the QUEER SOS
  • Chung-Wha Hong, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition
  • Robin McGehee, Director and Co-Founder, GetEQUAL
  • Richard Noble, Civil Rights Activist, Connecting Rainbows Walk Across America
  • Barbra (Babs) Casbar Siperstein, Vice Chair, Democratic National Committee Eastern Caucus

Question Moderators

  • Lane Hudson, Director, Brunswick Group
  • Andy Szekeres, Founder, 3pg Consultin

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding