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David Brooks: Scott Walker Campaigned on Union-Busting

(by 16 Miles of String)

McBobo’s entire column today about Scott Walker’s union-busting is packed full of wrongness — but he does get something right about Scott Walker’s and the Wisconsin GOP’s “ideological overreach.”

And so here we are again. Every new majority overinterprets its mandate. We’ve been here before.

Ha-ha, just kidding.

That was actually McBobo in 2009, chiding President Obama and the Democratic majorities in Congress for trying to enact exactly the policies they ran on.

Here’s McBobo striking a very different tune, today.

Walker’s critics are amusingly Orwellian. They liken the crowd in Madison to the ones in Tunisia and claim to be fighting for democracy. Whatever you might say about Walker, he and the Republican majorities in Wisconsin were elected, and they are doing exactly what they told voters they would do. It’s the Democratic minority that is thwarting the majority will by fleeing to Illinois.

For one, it was Paul Ryan (R-WI) who first likened the Wisconsin protests to demonstrations in the Middle East. But more importantly, Walker absolutely did not campaign on ending collective bargaining for public workers. Period.

And I don’t recall McBobo fretting about the “majority will” on the public option being thwarted by a minority of Republicans (and Democrats) in the Senate.

But it’s remarkable this guy can write an entire column about Wisconsin’s budget problems and austerity and “making everyone hurt” — and not once — once! — use the word “taxes.”

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