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Even registered Independents are in a knee jerk trance that keeps them voting for either Democrats or Republicans.  The issue that blinds the entire country from looking at the evidence is made clear by the pictures you need to see:

Only Bush had the power and the knowledge from more than 40 Presidential Daily Briefings to order this crime.  I strongly recommend reading THE COMMISSION by NYT reporter Philip Shenon who covered the 9/11 Commission.  It is critical to keep in mind that the hearings were in 2004 but Shenon and the NYT decided not to publish the story of those warnings.

When people refuse to look at evidence they are going to see it.  I would like to know why people think it is in their interest to remain ignorant.  Why don’t they want justice?  Why do they want to cover up illegal wars?  Why isn’t stopping the wars ever mentioned during the raging budget debate while Obama and the Democrats refuse to stop the wars and bring all our troops home before any more money is blown and before any more damage is done?

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Screwed Again

Screwed Again