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A 2011 Union-Busting Bibliography

I’m beginning to compile an assault on working folk bibliography. The list will be a long one. I’ll update this list as time permits and events unfold. The latest updates can be found here.

Blue Texan. “David Brooks: Scott Walker Campaigned on Union-Busting,” FireDogLake (2.22.2011).

Brooks, David. “Make Everybody Hurt,” The New York Times (2.22.2011).

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——. “Large Rally in Wisconsin Against Stripping Collective Bargaining Rights for Public Employees,” FireDogLake (2.15.2011).

——. “Teachers Walk Out in Madison to Join Protests Over Public Employee Bill in Wisconsin,” FireDogLake (2.16.2011).

——. “Pressure Rises as 30,000 Come to Madison to Block Wisconsin Public Employee Bill,” FireDogLake (2.16.2011).

——. “In Wisconsin, Budget Repair Bill Passes Committee; Mass Teacher Walkouts Planned,” FireDogLake (2.17.2011).

——. “Wisconsin Senate Democrats Walk Out, Threaten Quorum on Public Employee Bill,” FireDogLake (2.17.2011).

——. “Wisconsin Budget 101: The Numbers and the Stakes in the Public Employee Bill,” FireDogLake (2.20.2011).

——. “The End Run: Wisconsin GOP Could Put Collective Bargaining Piece in Non-Fiscal Bill and Pass Quickly,” FireDogLake (2.21.2011).

——. “Wisconsin Budget Bill Wouldn’t Be Able to Be Implemented After Friday,” FireDogLake (2.21.2011).

——. “Poll Shows Support for Public Employees, Protesters in Wisconsin Fight,” Fire Dog Lake (2.22.2011).

——. “Indiana Democrats Walk Out to Protest Union-Busting Bill, Deny Quorum,” Fire Dog Lake (2.22.2011).

——. “Walker’s Public Employee Union-Busting So Extreme, Rick Scott Won’t Do It,” Fire Dog Lake (2.22.2011).

——. Walker, Wisconsin GOP Make Threats; Workers and Activists Organize, FireDogLake (2.22.2011).

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Tens of Thousands Protest Move by Wisconsin’s Governor to Destroy Public Sector Unions,” The Nation (2.15.2011).

——. “ON WISCONSIN: Live Reports From Ground Zero for Labor Rights,” The Nation (2.17.2011).

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——. “Jesse Jackson Tells 50,000 in Wisconsin: ‘This is a Martin Luther King Moment!’,” The Nation (2.19.2011).

——. “‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like’ in Wisconsin, as Largest Crowd Yet—80,000—Opposes Union Busting,” The Nation (2.19.2011).

——. ”Wisconsin’s Political Crisis Is a Good Deal More Serious Than Its Fiscal Crisis,” The Nation (2.21.2011).

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——. “Americans for Prosperity to run ads in Wisconsin,” The Washington Post (2.22.2011).

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Tavernise, Sabrina. “Thousands Gather to Protest Bill in Ohio,” The New York Times (2.22.2011).

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