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Supporting the Protesters in Madison

Orders for pizza have been pouring in from around the globe to feed the folks in Madison who are protesting in support of workers’ rights … Ian’s Pizza has suspended normal business to handle the volume of orders for pizza to be sent to demonstrators.

There’s more we can do. The UW Teaching Assistants’ Association is helping inside the Capitol and they have a list of supplies they need. (They also have a paypal button, if you’re so inclined.)

The UW Teaching Assistants’ Association also has a page listing other local businesses which have donated food and supplies. I have an especial fondness for co-ops, part of the great midwestern tradition of progressive grassroots action, so i would like to give a shout-out to the Willy Street Coop. I talked to a nice young man there (hi Dan!) and he said they are doing gift cards as well as food donations. I know if i were at the Capitol, as much as i love pizza, i’d sure love some fresh fruit & veggies, trail mix, etc.

And coffee! Don’t forget the coffee!

Here’s the list of local vendors from the UW Teaching Assistants’ Association’s website:

Capital Centre Market (608) 255-2616
Cargo Coffee (608) 268-0597
Community Pharmacy (608) 251-3242
Fromagination (608) 255-2430
Himal Chuli (608) 251-9225
Ian’s Pizza (608) 257-9248
Just Coffee (608) 204-9011
Ma Cha (608) 442-0500
Marigold Kitchen (608) 661-5559
Mermaid Cafe (608) 249-9719
Regent Street Market (608) 233-4329
Steep n’ Brew (608) 256-2902
Underground Kitchen (608) 514-1516
Union Cab (608) 242-2000
Weary Traveler (608) 442-6207
Willy Street Coop (608) 251-6776
Zu Zu Cafe (608) 260-9898

(I couldn’t find working links for some of these, sorry.)

It is truly heartwarming to see the wave of support and care these hard-working Americans are receiving, unions protect rights for all of us. If the unions are crushed, they’re coming for us next.

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