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NPR Smears Wisconsin Workers, Again: TOTN Edition

The following is from an e-mail received from a reader of MR. Said reader has given me permission to reproduce it here, with edits for spelling:

Just tried to call in to Talk of the Nation while they were doing a program on Wisconsin.

Back in the old days, the show used to allow various comments so long as they were on topic. But today, the FIRST thing the screener said was “With a state budget deficit of $2 billion, what should public employees be expected to give?”

When I tried to say “They’ve ALREADY given sixteen furlough days in the past two years!”, the screener cut me off, saying that they wanted only people who were going to answer their (loaded) question. She was quite brusque, too.

NPR: not even Nice Polite Republicans any more.

(Crossposted at Mercury Rising.)

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