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Nothing like starting out the week with a little bomb threat

UPDATE (2/22): Confirmed: our bomb scare “suspicious package” at my workplace yesterday was sussed out by the Durham Bomb Squad and it turned out to be a…weapon of mass culture destruction — a SNUGGIE.


Just a short post to say that my morning was interesting. I left without my cell phone, which I rarely use at work, but it’s irritating not to have it when you need it…like today.

Turns out that over the weekend Duke Power was doing some work at Brightleaf Square in downtown Durham; I work in the north building and staff had to come in and power down our servers. Unfortunately when the servers were brought back online, we had no network services. Sigh.

More fun below the fold.Our friends at Verizon and Duke Power were, I believe, working on that  problem when all of a sudden we received an emergency evacuation order. It wasn’t a fire alarm; that heinous noise goes off when we have those drills.

Anyway, everyone hot-footed it out of the building and across the street to our designated waiting area. Eventually some news trickled out about what happened.

Apparently a package arrived for one of the staff members at the Press, and it had no return address, a misspelled addressee and was strange enough to raise suspicion since there was no package expected by this person. I don’t have any more details than this other than to say that we receive a ton of packages every day, so for one to stand out makes me think this was a serious threat.

I drove home to get my phone and to return, figuring it was no big deal. I got a call on my way back in to say everyone needed to go home for safety’s sake. The police had expanded the perimeter of the evacuation, so nearby businesses and restaurants also had to leave.

The last word I received is that the Durham Bomb Squad is sending in one of those robots to inspect the package.

Duke Press publishes controversial, thought-provoking academic texts (LGBT/Queer Studies, world politics, etc.), but this is the first time we’ve had a bomb threat.

Time to reboot that Monday…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding