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Governor Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill” gives no-bid energy contracts to the Koch Brothers

Something that has been overlooked in the Wisconsin situation related to the Koch Brothers. The bill gives the Koch Brothers no-bid contracts and gives the right to buy up utilities.

From the and Rortybomb

Rotrybomb identifies what may be a huge benefit for the Koch Brothers in the Governor Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill”: No-Bid Energy Assets Firesales. Huh, just by coincidence the Koch Brothers are the largest private controllers of energy in the world.

the department may sell any state?owned heating, cooling, and power plant or may contract with a private entity for the operation of any such plant, with or without solicitation of bids, for any amount that the department determines to be in the best interest of the state.

As I state above, I doubt the breaking up of unions isn’t in the interest of the Kochs, but this new find in the budget “repair” bill, makes it clear that this isn’t about the promotion of free markets, though it is packaged that way. It really is about the special interest edge. In this case it provides for energy buyers, such as the Kochs, to grab assets without having to actually bid against others for them. This isn’t a play coming from the books of Mises, Hayek and Rothbrad. It’s a play coming out of the playbook of the Russian oligarchs who used the confusion of the collapse of the Soviet Union, under the guise of privatization, to grab as much of the wealth of Russia as they could before anyone noticed what was going on.

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