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Water Cooler – How Know Nothing Is The Tea Party? They Are Willing To Cut National Security Priorities

Zippy The Pinhead

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Looking at the cuts that the Republican controlled House approved one might be tempted to say that they were more than a little wicky-in-the-wacky-woo. The idea that having lots of furloughs and lay-offs would somehow make things better economically would make Zippy The Pinhead do a face palm. But you can’t quite get to totally insane with just the domestic program cuts. No to get that level you have to have a party that has been screaming like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert about national security making cuts that will make the nation less safe.

Which is exactly the situation we find ourselves in. Our know-nothing “Cut Taxes! Cut Spending! Cut! Cut! Cut!” Republicans did not just vote to defund Planned Parenthood and the EPA and try to defund the ACA. In their lust for cutting everything they are also putting the axe to program that up until this week everyone could agree we need.

You know things like continuing to train the Iraqi police, which would allow us to get our “non-combat” troops out of that nation. I know there are folks here who would like us out today, but if we don’t want to risk the nation that we just marginally put back together after illegally invading, we might want them to have the tools that they need, like a well trained police force.

Here is what Sec Defense Gates told the Senate (since the House to too crazy to listen):

The situation, Gates said, reminded him of the 1980s, when “we spent billions to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan, and we couldn’t get a million dollars to build schools in Afghanistan in 1989 and 1990,” and eventually the Taliban took over.
If the State Department does not get the needed funds, he added, “the same thing is going to happen in Iraq.”

Now I know there are folks who might debate our need to train the Iraqi police and would certainly not like Sec. Def. Gates scare mongering on it, but how about reducing funding for our nuclear non-proliferation programs. You know the ones that are specifically designed to prevent loose nukes or nuclear material from falling into the hands of terrorist organizations? House Republicans proposed and passed a 22% cut in this budget.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I kind of like the idea of spending money to secure nuclear materials and try to prevent murderous asshats from getting their hands on them. It is a lot of money we spend because there is a lot of danger from this threat. The specter of the destruction of an American city by a nuclear weapon was a big part of the lie that got us into Iraq in the first place, and just because it was a lie, does not mean that there is no threat of that happening.

Finally there is the $400 million the Republicans insisted that we have in the budget to update our nuclear stockpile. I am not a fan of this money but they actually held up the START treaty for it last year. Now their little pallies in the House have cut it. That is kind of funny to me.

It is also kind of funny that the party which is most likely to be the “God, Guns and Guts” party is taking a hatchet to the national security spending. We can do without an updated nuclear arsenal, but we really do need the other funds. How crazy does a party have to be to hammer away at one of its own claims to fame? Well you only have to look to the Republican Party and the Tea Party to know.

What is on your minds tonight, Firedogs? The floor is yours

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