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The Media Assault on Unions – One Lump or Two?

I had the supreme misfortune to watch a portion of Morning Joe on Friday – enough to witness him railing about the “greed” of the teachers unions in Wisconsin because (according to him) they were not paying the same percentage of their gross pay for healthcare as those in the private sector. This was his continuing, repetitious talking point. Put aside the fact that he was pretending that the the terms of the contract were the issue, not the fact that the Governor was usurping and destroying their right to even discussthe benefits part of their contract under their collective bargaining rights. I was struck by the point he kept trying to make which could be summarized as – “Look at them! They have it better than most serfs! Aren’t you mad that they don’t pay as much for healthcare as you do?”.

This is like someone saying to one group of peasants who each has one lump of coal, “Hey! Those peasants over there have 2 lumps of coal each. Why do you let them have two lumps when you have only 1? ” while hoping we all forget the fact that the person raising the issue has a rail-car full of coal and that he is paid by the people who not only own the coal company but the mountain the coal is in as well.

Joe Scarborough is a well-paid media tool trying to mobilize popular anger at unionized teachers based on trumping up class warfare between the members of the same class If Joe Scarborough wants to make the case that we should all pay the same percentage of our income for healthcare, I could bend my head around that principle if he would only include himself and members of his own income class. I wonder how much he would be paying? I wonder if other media and political and private sector a#holes on the union bust bus would also go along with this new found principle of “share the pain”. How about the Governor of Wisconsin?

Is there any hope of Americans wising up to these tactics and demanding more than the inadequate 2 lumps we apparently are so envious of? How about: Living wages? Single Payer Health? Retirement with Dignity?

Or will we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by those who constantly scheme to make the lowest common denominator go even lower at the behest of the truly insatiably greedy who literally WANT IT ALL?

Ich Bein Ein Cheesehead.

Oh, and screw you Joe Scarborough.

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