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Screaming “Revolution!” Is Just What the Right Wants!

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Your right! This is not an Revolution!

It is a protest to an unjust Bill. The common American supports the protesters for standing up against Walkers Agenda, which has little to do with the actual budget he is whining about.

But IMHO to jump the gun and start screaming “Revolution!” Only takes away from the public workers fight against this unjust Bill.

Honestly the only people screaming “Revolution!” are people that wish to impose Socialism. Even welshTerrier2 spelled it out for everyone.

Why do you think those Tea Party protesters were trucked in? Do you think that The Tea Party cares anything about why the public workers are protesting? No they showed up because people are running around screaming “Revolution!” Because people think that since Egypt ousted a dictator, that they could start the cart rolling here in America too.

I have news. It wont work. Why? Well you are about to be turned into Anti-Americans. Wait calm down. Im not saying this about you all. I am only pointing out the obvious.

Remember what year it is? Remember how the Right has been calling Obama an Socialist? Put two and two together. Its not hard to see where this is going. Its election time after all.

The good people standing arm and arm protesting for their rights, have been over taken by political forces that care nothing about those public workers. Those forces want to cause chaos. And thats coming from at least two sides. One side being you guys. You guys are jumping, salvating, hoping, that after all these years finally the “Revolution” has a chance. A hope that Capitalism will be conquered and all this debating for years was for a purpose.

Theres a wrinkle in this plan though. Not everyone is on your side. In fact equally on the other side is the other half of the population. Yes the Social Conservative assholes. They are also jumping at the bit for their own “Revolution”. They may have even anticipated the far lefts move, when the bill was written. They just may have planned on the cries from the left of “Revolution now!” Call it Red Baiting if you will. Or by its true name McCarthyism. If the your revolutionary voices do completely drown out the public workers collective voice. The you will have tipped your hand to the opposition. And they will lie and cheat and do whatever they can to make us all look like Anti-Americans, and parade us before the elections and hang us from the nearest tree, so to speak.

So congratulations on nailing the first nail in your own coffins.
And remember while your getting all giddy right now, next year when all your giddiness is being hung out to dry and your “Revolution” is but a memory, it is your own fault.

And people think that because I am neither left or right, that I am a fool. Well I ask who is acting the fool now? The left or the right? Could it be that both sides are the problem? Up until recently The left claimed that their side was the only solution. And the same for the Right. Now people are wanting a new Left, and a new Right, to start all this Bull over with new teams.

But we are a country with one people. There is not in reality two peoples. Socialists of all people should know this. It isnt the ‘people’ we are fighting. It is corrupt forces.  Our Government is the ‘people’. But corruption is controlling the Government, in effect controlling the people. Corruption is the enemy.

The Constitution is still valid, lets use it for a change….

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