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Wendy's felted bag

Lately, I’ve been knitting to live music. In some ways, it’s more fun. I canceled my NetFlix subscription, because they kept removing things I wanted to watch from InstantView. I was having to watch them on YouTube, instead, and wondered why I should continue paying for NetFlix. So, it’s gone!

I’ve been going to some of Paul’s rehearsals and a few gigs, because I prefer live music over anything recorded or canned. He directs a string band orchestra, which is tricky, because you never know exactly which band members will show up, and having a play list is not much help, in that case.
He’s also a member of a 10-piece band with a big band sound, and he belongs to an English style brass band, which is one of my favorites because I love the music they play, and the level of musicianship is so high in that band. And the director is pretty laid back, too. I take my knitting to those Sunday evening rehearsals. Another trumpetman who sits next to Paul likes me. He always smiles at me when I walk in.

Paul also started a quintet some years ago, and every year they play Christmas Carols under the street lights in our neighborhood. People come out of their homes to listen, and sometimes they have carol singers with them. Occasionally, they receive food and beverages.

Paul also plays in a seasonal Sousa band that performs in the summer around the Fourth of July and at Christmas time. That band also has a very high level of musicianship. Marches are not my favorite type of music, but they play them so well, and the conductor practically channels John Philip Sousa. I’m knitting him a scarf in a cream-colored wool… with reversible cables and a bit of basketweave. He’s in that 10-piece band with Paul, too. It’s directed by someone Paul has known since college, when he directed the jazz band Paul played in then.

In addition to all of these bands, Paul has a day job, a couple of consulting gigs and he’s pretty much sleep-deprived. Please send him your most positive thoughts… to keep him safe while he’s driving.

I’m probably in a minority when it comes to preferring not to listen to recorded music, but I do make some exceptions. I recently bought a CD with Rosemary Clooney singing some of her classics. I’m planning to sing along… I love the way she sings. And I used to listen to a lot of Bob Dylan and the Moody Blues… and the Beatles, of course – but not so much lately. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Recorded or live?

I had to cease working on the two afghans I have been working on, one for a wedding present, the other for my daughter’s family, because a friend has a birthday soon and I’m making her a felted bag. She writes fantasy for children and I’m trying to work this up in some of her favorite fantasy colors.

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