Most of us can’t be in Wisconsin for the protests to defend workers’ rights. I’d like to be! But failing that, my first online stop for Madison news is First Draft, home of my buds Scout & Athenae (our own Athenae), who with their crew are producing great stuff.

And then there is this class of thing, snapperhead Clownhall-standard wankery — which is worth an exegesis, because it’s kind of oddly, or at least idiotically, instructive. The video is over there. —->

What fascinates is that the Clownhall homunculus  is linking the video as a means of rubbishing the protesters as Vicious Thugs, along the lines of the Gateway Dingleberry screeching that “NINE VIOLENT PROTESTORS!!!11!” were arrested!!!! (the linked story, of course, contains no mention at all of violence, which hardly matters to any of Jim Hoft’s readers, because they’re nasty semi-literate pud-whacking candyass shits to begin with). But the video shows no such thing!

Indeed, the piquantly awful thing about the clip is how wildly unconnected is its substance with the narrative the Foxites cram it into. If you’ve been missing the brilliantly malignant Onion News Network shows on IFC, well, click above! The segment begins with a smug Fox Business News apparatchik, Mark Shepard, I think his name is, sneering at the Wisconsin Democratic state senators, and then shifts to its putz on the scene — who repeatedly has to tell his Home Anchor that “actually, most of the people have been fairly reasoned, calm, and willing to talk,” and are not tossing Molotov cocktails or similar.

The correspondent is determined to stress that pretty much all the protesters are calm and articulate — except for this One Guy, who says over and over, “Fox Lies!” And the correspondent wants the story to be, “One guy is being rude.”

But then you look at the anchor, and he keeps egging on the correspondent to say “these protesters are crazy and dangerous!” Indeed, the apparatchik: “Does it seem like people are getting more and more aggressive?” And then the video ends with a totally unrelated video of Ed Schultz saying that Republicans lie and want you dead, where they add an effect of the flames of Hell.

Which is pretty hilarious, because it admirably proves the One Guy’s point. Fox, indeed, lies.

One of the lessons here is that if you are ever on camera with Fox, stay on message. The correspondent sneers at the One Guy for only knowing two words, but that kind of worked. The segment was going to be spun against the protesters anyhow. But the “Fox lies” got out there regardless. And was proved accurate!

At any rate there is not much mystery as to what is actually going on in Wisconsin. A bit of media savvy won’t hurt for the fights coming up.



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