Big Pimpin’ In Madison, WI.

America’s Film Editor, Andrew Breitbart was in Madison Wisconsin today with his buddy, rape apologist Jim Hoft, to rally his tea bagging troops against the union people because if there is any group that Breitbart hates more than negroes and African Americans and the coloreds…. it’s working people. And everyone knows that if Andrew is going to show up, there will be filming…with judicious editing to follow. But it’s not a Big Brietbart production unless somehow he can insert pimps (see here and here) into the story.

Courtesy of the Ole Perfesser (a state employee who has better than collective bargaining…he has tenure!), here is a shot from today’s Tea Bagging Rally Against People Who Do More Than Ride Around On Medicare Funded Hoverounds:

Hey wait. Let’s go all Antonioni on that picture:

So this is really about Gov. Scott Walker bitch slapping teachers and state employees and keeping their asses in line.

Duly noted.

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