There’s A Riot Going On

The Goldman-Sachs company newsletter is very upset that America is letting the riff-raff in Wisconsin get out of hand, potentially destroying America and making it look like ruined old Europe:

For Americans who don’t think the welfare state riots of France or Greece can happen here, we recommend a look at the union and Democratic Party spectacle now unfolding in Wisconsin. Over the past few days, thousands have swarmed the state capital and airwaves to intimidate lawmakers and disrupt Governor Scott Walker’s plan to level the playing field between taxpayers and government unions.

At-ti-ca! At-ti-ca! At-ti-ca!

Because those taxpayer dollars that should be used for paying for basic services need to be given back to the taxpayers… or maybe used to bail out large financial institutions who are too big to fail. One of those.

Obviously if Gov. Walker can’t get this under control, higher ups will have to take over, which means that the Koch brothers will be dispatching their armored mobile-chair division of low-information high-density tea bagging Seniors to form a slow moving flying wedge to break up the drum-pounding folk-song singing rebel alliance. We can also expect front line reporting from Nick Gillespie and the Reason kids, but not Megan McArdle who will beg off because of fear of “poor people cooties”. Also gastritis.

The stupid is already being air-lifted in:

Walker’s reforms are unacceptable to protestors, many of whom are teachers participating in a “sickout” so that they can attend rallies against Walker’s proposals. And that’s ironic. According to the state of Wisconsin, the average teacher salary in Wisconsin is $49,093 annually. (With benefits, the average total compensation is  $77,857.) With 190 school days per year, Wisconsin public education employees make about $258 per day.

$258 a day! Why that’s $94,170 a year! Except, not. No wonder those Wall Street guys are coming for our jobs.

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