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Right-Wing “Small Government” in Action: Texas Senate Passes Mandatory Sonogram Law

by Knowsphotos

Just a reminder of what “small government” looks like under our Republican overlords in Texas.

The Texas Senate on Thursday approved a measure that would require women seeking an abortion to first get an ultrasound.

Women could choose not to view the sonogram image or listen to the heartbeat, but they would be required to listen to an explanation of the images, except in cases of rape or incest or if there are fetal abnormalities.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who had put the legislation on a fast track by declaring it an emergency priority, commended the bill’s advancement.

“Considering the magnitude of the decision to have an abortion, it is crucial that Texans understand what is truly at stake,” Perry said in a statement.

In other words, Perry is going to sign a law which puts government right between a patient and a doctor. Where are all those freedom-loving, individual liberty-demanding teabaggers?

“Texas is going to shrink government until it fits into a woman’s uterus,” Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, said during debate Thursday.


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